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Take on your friends and upgrade on the fly in this 1 to 4 player split-screen arena shooter!

Engineer Arena is a frantic first-person shooter centered around earning "bits" used to buy weapons, grenades, and new abilities at any time, and using those to defeat your friends in classic console-inspired split-screen FPS action.


Scientists and engineers are working together to build an advanced combat simulation - in a world where warfare is decided by fights between up to four participants in tight, particularly designed arenas, they've put their heads together to develop a suite of weapons, grenades (throwable objects, really), and abilities that may get put to use on the battlefield. Participate in the simulation as one of many object-head characters, earn bits to synthesize these weapons and ammunition for them, and crush your friends!


Playing on your own? Try out the 1p Target Shot mode! Use the arenas as a testing ground for all equipment in the game, and go for the best time on each of the game's levels!

The game also features Classic Death Match, King of the Hill, and Capture the Flag Gameplay for 2-4 players.


Choose from a selection of fun object-heads! No loot boxes, premium skins, or other surprising mechanics to be found!

Rated 3.7 out of 5 stars
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TagsFPS, Local multiplayer, Split Screen, Unity, upgrades
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player countSingleplayer


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Hey!  Excited to try the game - big fan of local multiplayer FPS games!  However, when I log in on a Mac the starting menu comes up and then nothing happens - the music and animation are going, but I can't click on anything to start the game.  Tried with the mousepad, a USB mouse, and a USB Xbox controller with no luck.  Am I missing something at all?  Thank you!!

That's strange, thank you for the report. I think we encountered these issues before with our input system and had problems on Mac...

I'll see if I can get it working but unfortunately if it's not going to be a smaller fix I'm probably going to just need to remove the Mac build entirely.

Really sorry for the inconvenience - ty for your interest!


Of course!  Thank you for the quick feedback!  Good luck with everything!

Using Linux I encounter the same issue. I'd like to be able to play it though. It loads and music plays and I can see the menu, but can't click on anything and buttons do nothing.

Unfortunately we've removed the Linux and Mac builds from the listing of the game. We had to do some strange things to make an input system support various input methods and said things do not play nice cross-platform. As most of the team has disbanded or moved onto other projects, updating this game further is not really possible any more. My sincerest apologies :(


I could only play it for myself, but the target practice was cool. The environments differ a lot from one another and thus there's a lot of different strategies you can take -- and the items help a lot with this. I would echo nomolomon's sentiment that bots would be a cool addition to have. Also, the game controls are super smooth and work great, which is a must in FPS. Great work!

Thank you for the game <3 

So glad you enjoyed!! Unfortunately bots were out of scope for the length of the project, but we agree they would be a massive improvement to the game. Maybe someday!


A lot of fun!


This game is way lit! Bots would be the top notchin'est addition. Like in the older call of duties, different difficulties and super ez bots to terminator death bots. Keep this in mind, because it would be too good. Thanks for reading