Engineer Arena 1.0!

The team has officially released its first big project: Engineer Arena! The game has been developed over the past year with a team of 7, 5 of whom were students!

We hope you enjoy our frantic splitscreen shooter as much as we have enjoyed making it! Join us on Discord to hang out and chat!


Engineer Arena 251 MB
Aug 14, 2019

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This game has its status listed as In Development, are there updates in progress or is it more or less complete?

Hey, thanks for reaching out! We have one tiny update that fixes a few map issues and audio issues, but other than that this project is considered complete. We'll update the page accordingly!

Awesome! Thanks for supporting the racial justice bundle, it might take me a couple weeks to get through some of the other games first but I'm excited to check this one out.

Absolutely! Totally understood - there's a lot to go through. Happy to support such a great cause!