Wind Slime

The roaming spirit of a once-great wind mage finds a home in a small, unassuming mountain slime named Winston. He tasks himself with climbing to the top of the mountain, harnessing the power of the mountain's mana crystals to use a small fraction of his former magic, manipulating the endless blizzard to guide him up the hazardous slope.

Music: WaveParadigm

Art: Kenney

Audio: BFXR, Soniss GDC 2018 pack

Wind Slime was made for the 2018 Kenney Jam, and the 5th SGDC Summer Jam! Most in-game art comes from Kenney's amazing asset packs.

Bonus Game: (Press 'T' or the (Y) button to toggle)

Time Slime

A once-great mage finds himself trapped in the body of a small mountain slime. He must navigate up the mountain in order to find a way to transform back to his original form -- the mana crystals of the mountain allow him to reverse time in small bursts, riding the updrafts created by the rising snow to navigate the treacherous slope.

Updated 8 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withGameMaker: Studio


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Nice game, enjoyed the controls very much!


That's great concept, I really enjoyed the mechanics. Design is cute and the music and sounds match with the style.