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Welcome to Upgrade Arena!

Upgrade Arena is a brand new Deathmatch game (and framework!) on Core - earn money by breaking objects in the environment or by killing enemy players, and use that money to buy new weapons, grenades, and abilities in real time!

Not good at aiming? Use the sword! Want more health? Use the Vamp - a vampiric staff that drains health from foes! All of that sound too fancy? Buy a rocket launcher!

8 weapons, 6 unique grenades (including teleport grenades, healing grenades, and shurikens), 3 movement abilities, and 3 maps come together to build an Arena Shooter experience unlike anything else on Core!

Remember: Press E to Upgrade!

The Upgrade Arena Framework has also been released on Community Content, and as a game released as Open for Edit.

Interested in checking out the three maps individually? All three of these maps should be considered submissions to the Urban category. Check out these three unlisted links:

Upgrade Arena: Longshot
Upgrade Arena: Castle Pitt
Upgrade Arena: Cistern

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