A downloadable game for Windows

You and up to four friends can work together as an understaffed band, who have to charge their instruments on stage with soul to keep the music alive!

Controls: Xbox 360 Controllers

A: Play Instrument

B: Stop Playing Instrument

4 lane: LT/LB/RB/RT

3 lane: A/X/Y

2 lane: A/X

1 lane: A or Left Stick back and forth

Readme included.

More information:

In addition to the game itself, we wrote a MIDI parsing script to combine midi files into a large beatmap, that is used to create the the notes on all of the instruments with a single large file. This made the process of charting songs much easier, and would potentially be reusable for future projects.

The script to create these is not complete, and is currently unavailable. 


Souloist 0.1.0.zip 23 MB

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