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The mages of the arctic have a yearly tradition -- they head to the tropical islets of Manador, using their ice magic and their golf skills to sink shots across varied and challenging terrain.

Freeze the water hazards with an ice shot, then send your ball flying. Try for as few strokes as possible, alone or in a group!

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ArcticMageCourse - 1.02.zip 18 MB


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Quite a fun game! :D The idea of freezing the water sounds great, but it felt like just having to shoot twice the same ball most of the time :/
Also, the double spiral level felt unfair. A lot of the times, I rolled back accidentally! xD


Thank you!

Yeah, the spiral level is definitely poorly designed. I was in a rush to hit 9 levels in a short game jam. Planning out and being more optimal with ice shots can save you some points on your scorecard, but you do end up making similar shots.

I appreciate the feedback!